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The Journey of Me is a next-generation life book program, which expands on the original concept. By integrating a number of therapeutic elements, community volunteers can work closely with a foster child under the guidance of a child welfare agency. Through research and interviews with the significant individuals in the child's past and present life, stories, anecdotes, and memorabilia are gathered, uniquely scrapbooked, and with great fanfare, presented to the child.
Who benefits from participation in The Journey of Me? In a word:

The fosterchild:
"My book means just as it says. It means my life which is everything to me... I learned things about my mom that I did not know."
"I feel empowered. Yeah, I had a bad past, but it also showed a boy who found a family who love him into a champion."

The caseworkers & therapists: "I think it reminds us that in the myriad paperwork, court demands, and agency red tape, we are still dealing with a living, breathing child who has hopes, dreams, and fears."

The caregivers & volunteers: "I am working on becoming a foster parent because of my exposure to this program."
"It taught us to always look at different points of view, to hear every side... to not pass or make assumptions."

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The Journey of Me curriculum includes:

Two-day training for establishing a life book program;
CD for a customized Volunteer Workbook; Volunteer and Agency Training Power Points, Agency Guide;
Methods for Volunteer recruitment, training, and supervision;
Scrapbook techniques & resources,
methods for acquiring donates supplies,
and samples and guidance for therapeutic writing of the child's life story.

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